International Overdose Awareness Day

August 31st

2020 Recovery Community Award


Founder and Executive Director

Angels In Motion - NJ Chapter

Susan long

A Higher Love

Susan Long's greatest contribution may be in the revelation that those around her have come to understand:  she has an incredibly deep capacity to love and care about people and the usual barriers to this are invisible to her.  She has literally redefined what compassion looks like in Atlantic City and has created a safe place where others can test their boundaries in loving people that have mostly been left behind. To our community she has brought a higher love and the angels around her strive to emulate this. If you can think of a person that you know loves and cares about you and can recall the sensation it brings you,  you know Susan's contribution to dozens of individuals who may have never felt this before or no longer have anyone in their life that makes them feel that way. This brand of love, this higher love, has rarely been seen and she has injected this into an organization that serves it up in frequent and healthy portions. And it is free and it delivered from the hearts of those who volunteer for the Angels in Motion mission.


 The Angels in Motion mission is grounded in the belief that everyone is worthy of dignity and respect regardless of their mental health conditions, including addiction or their ability to provide shelter for themselves. AIM defies labels that spew beliefs that breed judgement and contempt and have proven in our community that people respond to kindness. Just as negativity from others can create feelings of self-hate, the feelings of compassion breed self-love. This self love is what has enabled many to find the courage and hope to seek change. In the short time that AIM has been in Atlantic City, it has grown by leaps and bounds and the contagiousness of this Susan Long brand of love has literally taught people the joy that comes in caring about others and doing something about it. Similar to the culture of respect created by last year's recipient, Judge Sandson, in one courtroom in the judicial system, Susan Long has created a culture of respect in a desolate section of Atlantic City that was dark and empty.