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The Recovery Force creation is a vehicle for the Recovery Advocacy Movement to transition  the residents of Atlantic City and the surrounding area to a better world. Recovery community organizations have done this for 20 years  and that is why we are here. We seek a strong membership base that passionately continues the century old battle to advance conditions by which people recovering from substance use disorders and their families live, work and play. The past two years were spent establishing our presence and filling our shelves with exciting tools for operating and now we are ready to engage the community and gradually build full capacity.


Unfortunately, the media and New Jersey drug and alcohol leaders have left its people in the dark about a movement that has reshaped the landcape and horizon for recovery communites around the country, making their lives better. Frankly, the status quo and the local media continues to largely ignore the liberation of people like us so it is our responsibility to carry the torch and this is precisely why the strategy to create RCO's was chosen. Recovery Force was the first RCO in New Jersey and has the added job of exposing the oppressed to the global movement that is leading to their salvation . Therefore, 2020 will be about teaching citizens about what has been going on and how we begin reaping the benefits.


Recovery Force is well stocked with dozens of evidence-based activities and events that the community can select from to begin an era of visibility and vitality. While we are a Recovery Coach Academy and will train recovery coaches, we will do so at an organic pace and respond to demand. Making recovery visible and showcasing the great beauty, talent, humanity and generosity of people in recovery has become priority #1 As our organization grows so will the quality of life of our members.

The Anonymous People chronicles the "movement" over the past several decades and concludes where we must pick up in south jersey. With the assistance of Greg Williams, the producer of this award-winning documentary, we hope to greatly expand the community's viewing of the full piece in 2020. Please enjoy the trailer as a preview.





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