to keep ac alive

We are recruiting people who have resided on the streets of Atlantic City and have recovered their lives (AND OTHERS WHO WANT TO GIVE BACK) for participation in




In your role on the project team, you will help us make amends to our beloved Atlantic City for what the disease of addiction has taken from her and will help us to present the recovered side of our illness out loud as we may tend to neglected parks, fix a pot hole or two or make a list of street lights that need to be changed and follow up on them. Can we learn to care about our city in a way that we would our own home and demand a certain level of maintenance and be an active particpant in rolling up your sleeves once and awhile. This is one of the things Bill White means by being "really serious" about recovery.

The great Bill White reminds us not to forget about amends to our community in his Recovery Is Contagious speech. Even more than this we will carry a beacon of light and hope so bright that pride is restored and respect is delivered to our business community through new norms created as part of the project. We also think there is a good chance you may help restore a lost soul and return joy to all those that love him or her. Our city is in transition to a new Mayor and perhaps a jnew form of government. The leaders who run the industry that puts food on many tables and whose generosity in our community has been incredible are voicing unmet needs. If we are really serious about recovery, as Bill says, wouldn't a collective light go on in the minds of the recovery community that says this seems like a perfect time to give back to my community and ask "What can I do to help?"   If you would like to know, send us an email click here.

Rise Up Atlantic City is an initiative that strives to create a strong recovery culture of hope and healing within pockets of hopelessness and despair that are fed by the drug culture. Fueled by volunteer recovery coaches who plant seeds of hope and carry messages of love and compassion the contagiousness of recovery will prevail with a persistent presence, a consistent willingness to provide unconditional support and a philosophy of attraction rather than appeal in meeting all segments of our community where they are.

Inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that "Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that" and the experience of William White who informs us that change is unlikely in some worlds where suffering exists without interventions that bring recovery to the streets, Recovery Force intends to help Atlantic City's most vulnerable and disenfranchised to rise up and recover.