in an advocacy organization by and for people and families impacted by addiction

When we first started there was no real appetite for an organization to look after the best interests of people suffering or recovering from an addiction. In fact, there remains strong opposition by some to approaches that demand humanity and competence in treating the medical condition that addiction is. The jury has been back on this. It's not up for debate. There is no dissention in the worlds of science and medicine. Communities around the United States that have an active recovery community organization have been changing the quality of life for people and families impacted by addiction for decades, through advocacy and support. We have become more outspoken on social media about unacceptable responses to our most basic needs and this has resulted in a daily increase in new subscribers on our website. After 5 years we believe people and families impacted by addiction are beginning to express their support for an advocacy organization and willingness to engage in it. It is time to organize further and mobilize deeper.

We have been blessed by incredibly caring leaders that have sponsored some of our activities. We would not exist without people who care like Isabel Halpin, Steve Callender, , Jim Allen, Joe Lupo, Joe Jingoli, Samantha Kiley, Dr. John Glassey, Donna McGlynn and John Egnor. However it is time to transition. We have reached the point where we must begin to move toward being a self-supporting entity through our members. We will remain an organization with no paid staff. However, expenses related to maintaining a strong and vigilant presence in the community must eventually become shared costs among those able to participate in this way and whom share in the benefits of our labor. Please consider becoming a member who supports this cause.


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