Recovery Force Vision

Our vision for Atlantic City is one where our children are raised in a bright culture of recovery full of kindness and understanding about mental health and substance use disorders. A culture free of shame so that problems are solved early and openly and without prejudice. An Atlantic City where our families can raise their children with assurance that we are preventing and treating substance use disorders as well as any community in the country with the best evidence-based practices available and that people and their families recovering from a substance use or mental health disorder do so with dignity and pride.

Our mission is to organize and mobilize people impacted by addiction in the Atlantic City community to put a face and voice on recovery in order to eradicate a stigma that punishes people for symptoms of a medical condition they did not choose and to afford them the care and support needed to attain life after addiction and life after the loss of a loved-one to the overdose epidemic through advocacy, support and community education.

Recovery Force Mission




12 N. Mississippi Ave

St. Michael's Loft

Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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