International Overdose Awareness Day

August 31st

2019 Ocean City Bridge

Overdose Awareness is About Preventing Sorrow and Restoring Dignity

No one knows the trauma of burying a family member amid a horrendous stigma that instills shame, demands more silent suffering and disables a normal grieving process, except someone who lost a child, sibling, spouse or parent to a substance use disorder (SUD). It is the proverbial insult added to the injury and the opioid addiction epidemic literally left collateral damage in the form of millions of broken-hearted mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives and sons and daughters. 

History will reveal a truth about opioid use disorder and the overdose epidemic so horrifying that every single family will shudder in the reality of how close they were to it happening to them. Effective awareness must aim to prevent future overdose deaths and restore dignity to people and families. Public knowledge and understanding, therefore, must include facts about the conspiracy and collusion of Big Pharma and the FDA, an understandable translation of the science of addiction, the system failures and the darkness of a stigma that is more lethal than the disease itself. 


The opioid epidemic continues to punish the best, brightest and most beautiful among us, from all walks of life, in a most cruel and unusual fashion. Recovery Force of Atlantic County is proud to sponsor local events that help to end overdose as a public health problem in the Atlantic City area and help align public perception more closely with facts in restoring the dignity of victims and their families. We strive to accomplish this by advocating, sharing facts and remembering the beautiful lives lost to an overdose.

The 2020 Co-Chairpersons for our Overdose Awareness Program are:

Mary Corona and Caren Fitzpatrick