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The Recovery Community Recovering the Community

 When the severity of drug use becomes so rampant and goes on for so long the community itself is said to become in need of treatment and recovery support. This is the case for Atlantic City, as it has become ground zero of the current substance use epidemic and has led the nation in overdose deaths per capita for three consecutive years. This is a reflection of the severity of the epidemic in a resort town with the largest gaming and hospitality industry in the northeast United States. It is a reflection of a State that did not stay the course with the country that has transformed its systems to include substantial recovery management supports and the reflelction of a media that failed to alert its residents of a national recovery advocacy movement that has been growing across the country for the past two decades making the needed community changes to sustain recovery. The people of Atlantic City and the many professionals hard at work at combating addiction through a variety of tactics are due a real hand in this fight and deserve an organized and mobilized recovery community to do what other recovery communites around the country are doing to own the problems associated with the epidemic that is ravishing a great city.

Recovery Force is coordinating with local entities on several projects designed to establish a recovery presence in Atlantic City and display the heart and soul of who we are by unleashing recovery one family at a time, one neighborhood at a time and one face and voice at a time.

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